In a world that's constantly trying to put you in a box, EYEVOS is here to break the mold. Born from a desire to celebrate the unique, the bold, and the unapologetically you, our colored contacts have become the go-to accessory for fierce girls who refuse to blend in.

Founded in September 2021, EYEVOS colored contacts offer diverse designs ranging from subtle and mysterious to bright and bold, allowing you to switch up your look and express your inner artist. We believe that beauty is not about fitting in, but about standing out and owning your individuality.

Choosing EYEVOS not only makes you look outstanding but also brings you inner confidence. Whether you're a alternative influencer, a cute doll, a goth queen, or a glamour goddess, EYEVOS has got you covered. Our contact lenses are of exceptional quality, but what's more valuable is our community culture. By joining the EYEVOS family, you become part of a "beauty revolution," redefining beauty standards together with millions of unique girls.

At EYEVOS, diversity is our essence. Every girl is a unique work of art, and our mission is to let your charm shine. EYEVOS is not just about changing your eye color; it's about subverting aesthetic rules and saying "no" to those who question you. Here, you can stay true to your most authentic self and proudly showcase what makes you different.

High quality lens & Advanced Technology

EYEVOS uses the world's leading-edge sandwich manufacturing process with a lightweight, UV-protective silicone hydrogel material to provide you with the safest, most comfortable contacts.

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