Helen's Journey: From Almost Quitting to Becoming a Sales Champion

Let me tell you a story about Helen Ran, a ray of sunshine on EYEVOS team. She's the kind of gal who walks in the room and lights it up. A fresh grad, ready to take on the world, full of zest for work and life, always eager to learn and improve.


But there was a fly in the ointment. A teammate kept throwing wrenches in Helen's work, ignoring her questions. You could say she was facing the school of hard knocks. Frustrated and lost, she started to lose her spark, her joy for work dwindling, even her cheerfulness taking a hit.


That's when her leader Sophie stepped in. She told Helen something that stuck with her: "Your worth is not defined by anyone but yourself. Be bold. Be you." It was a real fork in the road for Helen. She could have quit, but she chose to stick around, face her challenges head-on.


There was a bit of a tug-of-war between Sophie (team leader) and Robert about the troublemaker in the team. Sophie thought we could use all hands on deck, but Robert stood firm, saying, "How can someone who can't even be kind to teammates be of any help to our customers?" That was a clear violation of our team's principles, and so, the troublemaker was shown the door.


With that hurdle out of the way, Helen felt like she got her groove back. She saw how the team had each other's backs, always ready to help a colleague or a customer. This renewed her spirit. She buckled down, learning, questioning, improving. But what really struck a chord was the positivity and sincerity that everyone brought to the table. She began radiating that energy to everyone she interacted with.


Through sheer hard work and determination, Helen became our top sales performer. One day, she showed us a customer's feedback on our brand. The customer had voiced their concerns about our brand – lost or damaged packages – but also thanked our team. Helen was deeply touched, saying, "This means the world to us!"


Helen's journey is a shining example of perseverance, of believing in oneself, and of choosing to face challenges head-on. It also underlines the impact that a supportive team and positive work culture can have on an individual, empowering them to excel and create a ripple effect of positivity.